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Thread: Redirect key strokes

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    Lightbulb Redirect key strokes

    I'm developing a small CAD and I want to copy an AutoCAD feature.
    More specifically, when the user types something in the drawing area,
    I want it to be redirected to a certain QTextEdit.
    I thought about calling onKeyPress() and onKeyRelease() functions but I'm not
    sure if that's enough and it won't cause any nasty bugs. What do you think?

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    Default Re: Redirect key strokes

    erm, maybe use (and release) and to re-direct the event.

    maybe this can be done quicker with event filter, otherwise you could knock up a pretty inefficient signal/slot mechanism whereby the drawing area just emits every char that the user types in it, and you connect it to the text edit for appending.
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