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Thread: Meta object features not supported for nested classes

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    Question Meta object features not supported for nested classes

    {Using VS2010 , Qt 4.7.0}

    Qt Code:
    1. error : Meta object features not supported for nested classes
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    Trolltech site here says under Limitations that
    Less importantly, the following constructs are illegal. All of them have alternatives which we think are usually better, so removing these limitations is not a high priority for us.
    It explains the alternatives to most of the limitations but none for the moc'ing of nested class problem. My nested class is private and i don't want it exposed for usage. Only the surrounding class may use it via member functions.

    How do i do this (alternatives)?

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    Default Re: Meta object features not supported for nested classes

    document your class as "private", and then un-nest it.
    If you have a problem, CUT and PASTE your code. Do not retype or simplify it. Give a COMPLETE and COMPILABLE example of your problem. Otherwise we are all guessing the problem from a fabrication where relevant details are often missing.

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