Hello Folks,

I am having a big problem regarding JavaScript Performance in Qt 4.8.3 as it runs extremely slow. I've read that in Qt5 this issue has been solved via changing standard JavaScript engine with V8 Engine that should really increase the performance. So we tried to move to the Qt 5.0 Beta 1 version but it appeared that WebKit has not been integrated in this version.

Therefore I would be willing to pay certain amount of money for the custom MCVS2010 build of Qt 5.0 with V8 JavaScript engine. In fact it doesn't matter it will be Qt 4.8.3 or Qt 5.0 the case is that it should have V8 JavaScript engine.

Please write if you are capable of providing this kind of help for money or please guide me if there are some companies or people who could help me in this case . . .

Thank you.