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Thread: Where can I find QtWebKitd5.lib?

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    Question Where can I find QtWebKitd5.lib?

    Hello Folks,

    After installing Qt 5.0.0 Beta I am trying to rebuild the application because of the new V8 engine, hoping to solve the SLOWing issue. But the problem is that the system needs QtWebKitd5.lib that has not come with the Qt 5.0.0 Beta installation package . . . Even Google doesn't know where it is . . . Any ideas?

    Thanks in advnace for your help!
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    Default Re: Where can I find QtWebKitd5.lib?

    may I draw your attention here:


    Have you actually built the webkit? Have you seen something like this ? It might be helpful.

    oh, I see you like posting the same question in multiple places on the same board. bravo.
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    If you have a problem, CUT and PASTE your code. Do not retype or simplify it. Give a COMPLETE and COMPILABLE example of your problem. Otherwise we are all guessing the problem from a fabrication where relevant details are often missing.

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