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Thread: .QRC file of QtCreator

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    Default .QRC file of QtCreator

    Hi guys, I am currently developing an application that makes use of images and other resources such as icons for buttons etc...

    I know that when you generate a .qrc file via Qt, it only permits you to add an image or resource if it is in the same directory or sub-directory of the .qrc file.

    Is there a way that I could add an image, if the images are located in another folder?

    Let's say I have two folders:
    -Images folder
    -QRC folder

    --both folders are located in the same directory.
    When I add an image in the qrc, Qt will display an error saying that I can only add resources if it is a sub-directory of the .qrc

    One way of solving this is editing the .qrc manually with a text editor.

    is there a way of setting the qt creator ide, such as the pro file, to detect the Images directory while using the 'add' file button?

    --I was just wondering if there is a way of doing it while not editing it manually.

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    Default Re: .QRC file of QtCreator

    all resources referenced in a .qrc file have to in the directory of the .qrc file or a subdirectory of it. that's restricted by rcc, not qmake or qt

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