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Thread: Phonon video player stops playing after some time.

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    Default Phonon video player stops playing after some time.


    I have a small phonon application which tries to play videos in an infinite loop. I basically have connected the finished signal() to the play() slot. I use a simple logic to change the videos. I also have a timer for 5 sec which helps me change the video every 5 secs. What I expect is that the application plays the videos forever changing the video every 5 secs.

    But, The app stops playing the videos after about an hour or so. When I check it memory usage, every time the video changes its memory increases by 7-10mb and never decreases. By the time the app stops playing videos it was occupying about 2.4G!! The app itself never crashes though.

    On Ubuntu 10.04 LTS I can see this memory behavior in the System Monitor and using top. Also at the end I see the following message in the terminal "mmap() failed: Cannot allocate memory".

    On Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I dont see the memory being taken up but eventually the app stops playing the videos.

    The behavior is the same with or without the Timer. Without the timer each video plays for its full duration and hence it takes longer for the app to reach the same state.

    For me this looks like a bug or a memory leak some where either in Phonon or in the backend gstreamer. Can anyone confirm that?

    I have attached all the source code.
    ( I am new to the new File Upload manager. Strangely it does not allow me to upload .pro files and .rar files. what should I do if I have a question in .pro files ?)

    Also, to avoid this i am currently trying to build phonon with gstreamer1.0 which hopefully will not have the same bug. Please do suggest any resources for building phonon with gstreamer1.0.


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