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Thread: Resizing a rotated QGraphicsRectItem

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    Default Resizing a rotated QGraphicsRectItem

    I have a QGraphicsRectItem in my scene with a resize item like this post
    I can rotate and resize the item with mouse dragging.
    The problem I met is when I try to resize the rectangle after rotation, the drag direction is in scene coordinate but the resize direction is in the item coordinate.
    For example, if I drag the bottom edge in the blue arrow direction, the edge actually moves in the white arrow direction.
    Could anyone tell me how to make them consistant? (Dragging to white arrow direction and resizing to white arrow direction.)

    This is my resizing code in mouseMoveEvent(), the center of item is (0,0) in the item coordinate:
    Qt Code:
    1. QPointF pos = event->scenePos()-scenePos();
    3. if(m_selectedItem == 1) // left
    4. rect.setLeft(rectItem, pos.x()/rectItem->scale());
    5. else if(m_selectedItem == 3) // bottom
    6. rect.setBottom(pos.y()/rectItem->scale());
    7. else if(m_selectedItem == 5) // right
    8. rect.setRight(pos.x()/rectItem->scale());
    9. else if(m_selectedItem == 7) // top
    10. rect.setTop(pos.y()/rectItem->scale());
    12. // move the rectangle back to center
    13. QPointF point =;
    14. rect.moveCenter(QPointF(0, 0));
    15. rectItem->setRect(rect);
    16. rectItem->setPos(rectItem->mapToScene(point));
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    I tried the function mapToItem() but it seems not work, neither.
    Please ignore the extra attachment. I don't know how to remove it.
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    Default Re: Resizing a rotated QGraphicsRectItem

    Any Idea on how to map scene or viewport coord to the item coord?

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