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Thread: Raspberry Pi toolchain problem

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    Default Raspberry Pi toolchain problem

    I'm using QT Creator 2.5.2 on a ubuntu laptop to build the sample application, animatedtiles and deploy this to a raspberry pi. The project compiles and runs on the laptop, but i have a problem running on the pi. The drop down box to select the ARM toolchain is greyed out / inactive, so all builds are made with the gcc x86 tool chain


    If i remove and add the qt version, the toolchain dropdown becomes active for a second or two until the automatic parsing and evaluating is completed, then its greyed out again, and defaults to the x86 toolchain

    Its like the version doesnt support the arm tool chain.

    Also, I can build and run the project on the laptop, and build and deploy to the pi, but i get the following error when i try to run it
    Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
    presumably because its compiled for intel, not arm.

    I'm only feeling my way along here, so sorry if I'm missing something silly. Has anyone come across the same problem?
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