I need to build waveform viewer – like GUI in Qt, that is similar to Modelsim vsim with certain regions rectangles if different colors and length, time scale, marker lines on time scale with zooming in / out.

Have anybody worked with such waveform viewer GUI. Can anybody advice link to source code, open source project in Qt with above features ?

I have only QML profiler GUI source codes similar. I need more examples in Qt.

This is a good idea to use QGraphicsView framework and to represent the waveforms as QGraphicsPolygonItem or custom items, there should be zoomable time scale and markers, the elements ( rectangles ) on the plot should be expandable. Not sure that QWT contains such kind of plot, does it ?

Have anybody met ( experienced ) such open source project where this type of GUI implemented ?

I am interested in previous experiences / open source or com. projects when such waveforms were created using Qt v. 4.2 + Graphics View framework.
Similar illustrations of the interface that I am looking for are among:


Tnx in advance. Hp to hear...