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Thread: Vpn on qt symbian

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    Default Vpn on qt symbian

    I have a VPN server with Windows Server, I usually connect to that server with IP address, user name and password. I want to connect with a Nokia E5 phone.
    How can I connect to windows server from VPN using code qt (symbian) ?.

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    Default Re: Vpn on qt symbian

    Qt offers no facilities to connect to VPN networks.
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    There are a few VPN applications for Symbian, none of them using Qt.
    Only one VPN application can be used in real life for Symbian based phones, the software name is SymVPN. Designed for Symbian S60 3rd and 5th phones, i.e. compatible with your Nokia E5 phone.
    Fully functional Trial version can be downloaded from this page: On that page you may click on More Detail button to see description, documentation and FAQ.

    Following SymVPN video tutorial is actually based on SymNC software collection where SymVPN is included among other network applications.
    Configuration for standalone SymVPN application is pretty much the same.

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