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Thread: QTableWidget Internal Drag/ Drop Entire Row

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    I've seen several posts that describe issues with internal moves overwriting the target row instead of doing something like an insert, but I have a different problem.

    I can move the row just fine as long as I drop on the first column. But, if I drop on other columns, I get varying undesirable behavior.

    Sometimes it copies the row but shifts the cells. Sometimes it does nothing (what I want). If I keep choosing cells that aren't in column 0 for the drop, an exception will be raised.

    So, I just want to prevent drops in anything other than column, or interpret a drop in any column as a drop in that row to column 0.

    I have this in the constructor of the QTableWidget:

    tableWidget->setSelectionBehavior(QAbstractItemView::SelectRow s);


    When I create the TableWidget, I do this (Class LineUp has a QTableWidget named tableWidget):

    void ClubRosters::add_lineup()
    LineUp *newTab = new LineUp(tabWidget);
    QTableWidgetItem *cell = new QTableWidgetItem;
    for (int i=0; i<newTab->tableWidget->rowCount();i++)
    for (int j=0;j<newTab->tableWidget->columnCount();j++)
    cell = newTab->tableWidget->item(i,j);
    if (!cell)
    cell = new QTableWidgetItem();
    if (j != 0)
    cell->setFlags(cell->flags() & ~Qt::ItemIsDropEnabled);
    cell->setFlags(cell->flags() & ~Qt::ItemIsDragEnabled);

    int idx = tabWidget->currentIndex ();
    bool ok = true;
    QString newName = QInputDialog::getText (
    this, tr ("Create new lineup"),
    tr ("Lineup Name"),
    tabWidget->tabText (idx),

    if (ok)
    tabWidget->addTab(newTab, newName);
    int count = tabWidget->count();

    So, how do I prevent the drops to any columns but column 0? Or, is there a better way to implement drag/drop of entire row?


    Dave Thomas

    Added after 57 minutes:

    Found this, and it does exactly what I want!

    I haven't integrated into my code yet, but the example works perfectly.

    Dave Thomas
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