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Thread: A list box with an specific style checkbox

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    I need a check list box which its checkboxes look like an asterisk (just like the following picture):
    I want to use these checkboxes to specify favorite items.
    I have created the above check list box by QListWidget and customize its items by deriving a delegate from QStyledItemDelegate. But I do not know how to realize that the cursor is located on the asterisk region to display hover effects and fill it when the user clicks on it. I derived a class from QListWidget and override its mouseMoveEvent but I did not find any way to get an item's position to calculate its asterisk position!

    Added after 34 minutes:

    I did not see visualRect function till now! That is exactly what I need. I solved my problem.
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    Default Re: A list box with an specific style checkbox

    All you need to do is provide a custom delegate with reimplemented QAbstractItemDelegate::editorEvent(). You needn't touch QListWidget.
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