Hi everyone,

We are using QSound class for playing audio files in our embedded linux enviornment. One problem we are facing is regarding the control of volume. I was going through the Qt source codes for embedded platforms. I found that ultimately "int readySamples(int)" method present in qsoundqss_qws.cpp is called for header and data manipulation of the WAV file to be played. I also found functions like "setVolume" of "QWSSoundServerClient" class present in the same cpp file. I think if i can expose such methods then maybe I can have control over volume.
So I was wondering if anyone can guide me regarding the detailed architecture of the QSound class. I mean right from the static "QSound:: play()" method till "int readySamples(int)" method present in qsoundqss_qws.cpp........through what all classes it goes through when static play() method is called......if I can get any detailed description regarding this then maybe I would be able to expose some Volume related methods for our purpose.

I would be really grateful if anyone can guide me regarding this architecture.