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Thread: [URGENT]Can't run .exe outside QT5

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    Default Re: [URGENT]Can't run .exe outside QT5

    Quote Originally Posted by alrawab View Post
    to be used by multiple people.... you have to include the run time dependencies or build a static app
    add this line to your .pro
    I added the line you said. My .pro is now:

    Qt Code:
    1. #-------------------------------------------------
    2. #
    3. # Project created by QtCreator 2012-12-28T05:07:27
    4. #
    5. #-------------------------------------------------
    7. QT += core gui
    8. CONFIG += static
    10. greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets
    12. TARGET = GraphIt
    13. TEMPLATE = app
    16. SOURCES += main.cpp\
    17. mainwindow.cpp \
    18. about.cpp \
    19. graph.cpp \
    20. fullgraph.cpp
    22. HEADERS += mainwindow.h \
    23. about.h \
    24. graph.h \
    25. fullgraph.h
    27. FORMS += mainwindow.ui \
    28. about.ui \
    29. graph.ui \
    30. fullgraph.ui
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    It still asked me for the .dll upon opening

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    Default Re: [URGENT]Can't run .exe outside QT5

    Quote Originally Posted by bshikari View Post
    since i'm programming an application to be used by multiple people, not all of them with Qt installed. It would be preferable that it was a standalone .exe. but it's critical that it works on all computers
    If you want a static build of the application then you need to build Qt statically and have static versions of all Qt's dependencies. I'd advise against that if you don't feel comfortable with controlling the linker. I suggest you try to fix your dynamic deployment instead. If you have a 32bit build of Qt then you need 32bit msvc runtime. You can start by dumping all dlls from your Qt installation's bin directory into the same directory your exe sits in and see if it works. If yes then you can start eliminating libraries your application doesn't use. If not then it's likely that the problem is unrelated to dynamic linking.

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