Dear Forums,

I have a doubt regarding uploading files.......Actually what i have done is i have first listed out .xml files that are in the folder using a combobox once i select that i would be able to upload now i have a problem here please find the attachment of my code......

Qt Code:
  1. QDateTime dateTime = QDateTime::currentDateTime();
  2. QString dateTimeString = dateTime.toString("dd-MMM-yyyy");
  4. QString s="EntryGate-";
  7. /////i cant have this in a string if im not wrong
  9. ////////what idea i need is how to have a string in system if not possible is there any way to send a file from device to pc as i have to bind that combo value in a string and then use in the system command
  10. system ("/home/devkermit -is /mnt/jffs2/"+s+""+dateTimeString+".xml");
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please let me know if any suggestion.......Any solution would be appreciable......Thanks in Advance.......