hello,every one.

i have a trouble when deploying my qt application on OS ubuntu10.04.
i compile my application and it work well at my computer,then i have to copy shared labraries and my application to a target computer which have never been installed Qt-SDK before.
here is my copy list:
--Qt libraries like QtCore QtGui QtDBus...
--phonon_backend(with libgsteamer_backend.so in)

i have known that the lack of libgsteamer_backend.so will cos some trouble.
so i did this before my execution

but when i executed "bash qmusicplayer" on terminal,it still didn't work as thinking.
it give me output like below:

("/home/lvhuat/qmusicplayer/phonon_backend", "/home/lvhuat/qmusicplayer","/home/lvhuat/qmusicplayer/plugins")
WARNING: bool Phonon::FactoryPrivate::createBackend() phonon backend plugin could not be loaded
WARNING: Phonon::createPath: Cannot connect Phonon::MediaObject ( no objectName ) to Phonon::AudioOutput ( no objectName ).

the output show the i have added the plugins path to /home/lvhuat/qmusicplayer/phonon_backend but i cant find yet.
so kindly give me some advice about this problem.
thanks a lot.