My goal is to avoid adding directories for boost libraries in every qt project I am working with. I did not find anything that will allow me to specify "global include" path in qtcreator, so I reverted to
CPATH environment gcc variable. I set it up to point to a boost directory, but when compiling my project in qtcreator I am getting "no such file or directory" pointing to the "#include <boost/xxx>" line in the code.

In order to find out if I set CPATH correctly I opened the terminal and wrote a simple test program that uses boost::lexical_cast include in the same exact manner that I use in my project file.

std::cout<<boost::lexical_cast<std::string>(50); //

gcc compiled and built it successfully from the command line. The structure of my directories is:

Libraries - where boost is installed
Projects - where my projects are located.

I did my test program under Projects/, and gcc had not problem finding boost include path specified in CPATH.
CPATH is defined in my .bashrc file

Questions: What could be the problem? how to detect which directores are being used for include path in qtcreator?