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Thread: inconsistant doubleclick edit behavior with qtableview

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    Question inconsistant doubleclick edit behavior with qtableview

    A QTableView is not sending it's doubleClicked signal every time it is double clicked...the behavior is erratic. Sometimes it will work a few times in a row, sometimes it won't work at all or perhaps every other time. I have a QItemDelegate::createEditor method, and I'm using EditTrigger:oubleClick as an edit trigger for the view.

    I put print statements in the createEditor method and a method I connect the doubleClicked signal to and they confirm createEditor is only invoked when doubleClicked is sent, however that signal is just not being sent, therefor the mouse event is either being ignored or is not being caught by the right object.

    I installed an event filter on the view and its parent just to put a print statement it...nothing prints.

    Looking for advice on how to proceed troubleshooting this. Many Thanks.

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    Default Re: inconsistant doubleclick edit behavior with qtableview

    Post a small, self-contained, compilable program that demonstrates the problem.

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