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Thread: Qt widget/Java integration

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    Question Qt widget/Java integration

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried to integrate a java program into a Qt widget? I have a simple Qt project I am working on in order to learn Qt and would like to have a widget that does this integration (specifically NetBeans). I've looked at Qprocess, Qt Jambi and JNI but none of them seem to be able to do the above integration (or perhaps I missed something). The java integration (if it works) would only be a small part of the project so I'd like to keep the end result as self contained as possible (e.g., via tabbed or stacked widgets) rather than spawn a host of interactive programs. Unfortunately, at the moment, I'm stuck.

    Anyone have any experience with such integrations which they'd care to share?

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    Default Re: Qt widget/Java integration

    I'm not an expert on Java but I think JNI works the other way -- it lets you call native code from Java.
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