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Thread: Coloring speccific values in a spectrogram

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    Default Coloring speccific values in a spectrogram

    I have the following situation: I have a spectrogram for which I use a color map with color stops. It works fine, but I want to use the color grey for 0 values returned by the value function that needs to be overloaded. The interval in the plot widget may or may not include the zero, but I want all pixels in the spectrogram, where 0 was returned, to be grey. Color stops work only in the interval range, but even if they didn't I need only one value to have a color, not a range of values(even a narrow one).
    How can I accomplish this?
    (attached is a screenshot that shows what I want to do)

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Coloring speccific values in a spectrogram

    You can overload QwtLinearColorMap::rgb() and add some special handling for 0.0 before calling the base class.

    But note that QwtLinearColorMap::rgb() already has this code made for gaps in a spectrogram:

    Qt Code:
    1. if ( qIsNaN(value) )
    2. return qRgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
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    So when using NaN instad of 0.0 you would have transparent pixels and you would see the background color of the canvas ( could be gray if you want to ).


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    Default Re: Coloring speccific values in a spectrogram

    Excellent! Thank you very much, looks very good.

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