Hi, I am having a problem using qxtsmtp. I am able to send emails by connecting to gmail’s smtp server but I cannot do so using a payed for server. It just connects and disconnects immediately afterwords. I connected all the slots to functions to display error messages but nothing. I have tried with all qxtsmtp’s slots, QTcpSocket’s slots, QAbstractSocket’s slots but nothing. I have browsed the source code of qxtsmtp.cpp and it seems to me that the only moment in which only the disconnect signal is emitted is when sending EHLO/HELO:

Qt Code:
  1. //code snippet from qxtsmtp.cpp
  2. if (code != “250”)
  3. {
  4. // error!
  5. if (state != HeloSent)
  6. {
  7. // maybe let’s try HELO
  8. socket->write(“helo\r\n”);
  9. state = HeloSent;
  10. }
  11. else
  12. {
  13. // nope
  14. socket->write(“QUIT\r\n”);
  15. socket->flush();
  16. socket->disconnectFromHost();
  17. }
  18. return;
  19. }
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So it tries to send HELO, it doesn’t work and so it disconnects. I’m thinking that the server has a problem with how these messages are sent. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.