Qt Code:
  1. QWebElement selectBox2 =
  2. m_WebView->page()->mainFrame()->findFirstElement("select[id=hostid]");
  3. selectBox2.setFocus();
  4. selectBox2.evaluateJavaScript("this.selectedIndex = 2");
  6. QWebElement button_click = m_WebView->page()->mainFrame()->findFirstElement("input[type=submit]");
  7. if(button_click.isNull())
  8. return;
  9. button_click.evaluateJavaScript("this.click()");
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Please check the snippet above. I am able to make a selection from the option and able to click. But it seems the selection is not updated in QWebView. So when it's click it doesnt show me the updates. I think although I can see in QWebView the values are changed but it's not updated with the changed values.
Please help me whats going wrong in this... Thanks Sujan