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Thread: Qt 5 QSplitter Animation

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    Exclamation Qt 5 QSplitter Animation

    Hi, I get some stucks with QSplitter as well. I have two widget in the splitter and I set one of the size of control as 0 to hide it.
    Now, I'd like to show the hide one with an expand anime. I use QPropertyAnimation but it doesn't work.

    Qt Code:
    1. QPropertyAnimation showTrevwAnime(trevwCompileInfo,"geometry");
    2. QRect startRect=trevwCompileInfo->rect();
    3. QRect finalRect=startRect;
    4. finalRect.setWidth(100);
    5. showTrevwAnime.setStartValue(startRect);
    6. showTrevwAnime.setEndValue(finalRect);
    8. showTrevwAnime.start();
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    I've know the code above is wrong. But I have no idea how to do this. I have read about QAnimationFramework, can someone help me? Thanks a lot!!!!

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    Default Re: Qt 5 QSplitter Animation


    (don't place animation on the stack!)

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