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Thread: QtoolButton stylesheet styling

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    Default QtoolButton stylesheet styling

    Hi what im trying to do is aligning the text and icon in a ToolButton to the left.
    What i have is a vertical Toolbar configured like this:
    mtoolBar->setOrientation( Qt::Vertical );
    mtoolBar->setToolButtonStyle(Qt::ToolButtonTextBesideIcon );
    mtoolBar->setStyleSheet("QToolBar { border: 0px } QToolButton { text-align:left}");

    I want to have Icons and Text in the tool buttons so i use Qt::ToolButtonTextBesideIcon, but this also has the effect that the content of the toolbuttons gets centered. This looks realy ugly when i have toolbutton texts with different lengths. How can i achive what i am trying to do with the stylesheet ( align the content to the left) ?


    I fixed it this way:
    mtoolBar->setStyleSheet("QToolBar { border: 0px } QToolButton { width: 100%}");
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    Thanks. I was having the exact same problem, and the obviously the same solution worked

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