I created a simple ItemDelegate that shows a custom editor on one of my TableView columns. Editing the items in this column works perfectly when using the standard mechanism (double-click on cell, make changes in editor, select another cell).

I made a change that the editor will be opened persistent on the current selected row:

Qt Code:
  1. void MainWindow::ruleTableViewSelectedRowChanged(const QModelIndex & current, const QModelIndex & previous)
  2. {
  3. // Update persistent InputColumn editor.
  4. ruleTableView->closePersistentEditor(ruleTableView->model()->index(previous.row(), RuleTableModel::InputColumn));
  5. ruleTableView->openPersistentEditor(ruleTableView->model()->index(current.row(), RuleTableModel::InputColumn));
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Now changes to the editor will not be saved when changing the row unless I hit enter while having the editor selected.

I tried the behaviour of a standard ItemDelegate (SpinBox) and the changes to it will be saved, so I assume I need to change my custom ItemDelegate to commit changes directly when something is changed and not only when setModelData gets called?

Thanks in advance,