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    I am new to this forum, so please excuse me if I make some mistakes.

    I want to make a registration form that keeps more than one addresses and phones. Thus I created a vertical layout and inside this horizontal layouts with custom line edits and a custom button for delete. When I add a new address for example, I made the layout to expand using minimumSizeConstraint.

    The problem is when I delete the an address the size of the layout remains the same, and I want it to colapse.

    Does anyone have any idea? or another solution (maybe an other layout arrangement or to use other widgets)

    I am happy to give more specification if I didn't made my problem clear.

    Thank's in advance,

    Added after 47 minutes:

    Nevermind my post. I solved it using fixed size constraint. But if you have an other implementation I would be more than gratefull.
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