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Thread: Widgets on top of GLWidget on MacOS

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    Default Widgets on top of GLWidget on MacOS

    I am developing a small application in Windows/Linux. It consists of a full-size QGLWidget with heavy 3D graphics and several buttons on top of it. I want to port it to MacOS. All my external dependencies are resolved and I managed myself to make a valid bundle.

    When I execute the application in MacOS it does not display any button. After several days searching for errors in my code I found this in the documentation:
    On Mac OS X, when Qt is built with Cocoa support, a QGLWidget can't have any sibling widgets placed ontop of itself. This is due to limitations in the Cocoa API and is not supported by Apple.
    Is there any chance to change it on future versions?

    Is there some other way to put widgets in top of OpenGL with MacOS?
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