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Thread: Model/View with sliders

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    Default Model/View with sliders

    I am trying to figure out how to use Qt's model/view architecture to do the following -

    Have a QSlider, two QPushButtons (to increment or decrement the slider's value), and a QSpinBox for changing the increment/decrement value.

    In a model, store:
    - min/max value of the slider (the range)
    - the current value on the slider
    - the increment value

    I also need three of these (one each for x, y, and z); they will control the movement of an instrument on its three axes.

    I would like to use Model/View since the instrument needs to be able to set the min/max in the model and the user needs to be able to control movement (via the QSliders or QPushButtons). The instrument can move by itself (and update the model), and I need this to be reflected in the View (set the QSliders at their appropriate positions if the instrument moves without the user changing a QSlider). It would be nice if the min/max could change (for example if units are switched from say microns to millimeters, etc.).

    I am pretty sure I could get all of this working by subclassing QTableView, using delegates for the QSliders, QPushButtons, and QSpinBoxes, and subclassing QAbstractTableModel. Then I'd have something that would look like:

    X: [-]<-------|------>[+][1 um]
    Y: [-]<--|----------->[+][5 um]
    Z: [-]<-----------|-->[+][4 um]

    If I understand correctly, I'd have to call QTableView::setPersistentEditor() on each of the QModelIndexes in the model (corresponding to each of the widget delegates) to get the 'editor' widgets to stay shown in the view all the time.

    I am asking here because I don't want to stuff all the widgets in the same table, ideally I would be able to treat the QSlider, 2x QPushButton, and QSpinBox for each axis as one widget and put it wherever I want in the UI, with arbitrary orientation (probably horizontal for X, vertical for Y and Z).

    It is not clear to me how to accomplish this with Qt's model/view classes. Does anyone have an guidance? Not looking for code, just a general approach or your insights.

    Should I use one model with three views (x, y, z)?
    Should I have three models, three views?
    Is there a way to do this with one model and one view?
    Am I even making sense?!


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    Default Re: Model/View with sliders

    You could use Qt Model/View classes or write custom classes using similar concept as MVC

    Rather that using MVC classes I would prefer writing a composite widget and a custom model (not derived from Qt MVC classses).

    In any case you will need to write a custom composite widget, and IMO using Qt MVC here will only complicate it.
    When you know how to do it then you may do it wrong.
    When you don't know how to do it then it is not that you may do it wrong but you may not do it right.

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    Default Re: Model/View with sliders

    If there is no obvious way to do this with Qt's classes for model/view I'll just write my own.
    I was worried that I was missing something obvious.

    Thank you!

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