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Thread: QLabel to QgraphicsView

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    Question QLabel to QgraphicsView

    I subclassed Qlabel
    Painted image in label
    User can create points, lines, etc in label (on image)

    How do I save the image with the painted points/lines/etc in a variable (QImage, maybe)
    & then Load the new edited version of the image into graphicsview

    The user should not be aware of the change

    Since the label is promoted (subclassed QLabel)
    there are a alot of functionality i redefined so i do not want to reimplement all the functions
    in graphics view... thats why only once the editing is completed do i want to load it into graphics view
    (unless there is an easy way to move functions from QLabel to QGraphicsView, then i'll do everything in GraphicsView)

    Direction on how to go about it...
    #Saving image
    #Clearing label
    #Setting graphics view

    Kind Regards

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    Default Re: QLabel to QgraphicsView

    Create a wrapper around your widget with QGraphicsProxyWidget

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