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Thread: curve is not smooth enough with many sample points .

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    Default curve is not smooth enough with many sample points .

    Hello, my problem is Curve is not smooth enough . Size of the green curve'samples is 10, while the red one's more than 100 .As the picture shows , the green one looks much smoother than the red one . How can I make it smoother ? Please check my code and help me out .
    Qt Code:
    1. f1->setFitMode(f1->Spline);
    2. QPen pen(Qt::red);
    3. pen.setWidth(1.5);
    4. curve->setCurveFitter(f1);
    5. curve->setSamples(points);// Size of points is above 100.
    6. curve->setCurveAttribute(QwtPlotCurve::Fitted,true);
    7. curve->setPen(pen);
    8. curve->setStyle(QwtPlotCurve::Lines);
    9. curve->setRenderHint( QwtPlotItem::RenderAntialiased,true);
    10. curve->attach(this);
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