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Thread: qwt.dll depends on debug versions of qt-dll's

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    Default Re: qwt.dll depends on debug versions of qt-dll's

    Hi qwt specialists

    I'm new to qwt and also pretty new to qt. I managed to build QT 5.1, QTCreator 2.8.81 and QWT 6.1.0 on my WindowsXP-VM. Everything works fine and I can use QWT properly (until now ).
    Th only thing which is a bit annoying to me is that the qwt.dll (the release-version) depends on the debug-versions of the qt-dll's. I tried to build debug-and-release as well as release only, both ways it is the same, the qwt.dll requires the debug versions of the qt-dll's.

    That's not catastrophic but it forces me to provide debug and release versions of these dll's to my qt-application (which is built in release mode). Is there anything I can do to change this?

    Thanks in advance,


    Added after 45 minutes:

    Hi all,

    I withdraw my post above (unfortunately I can't delete it ).
    After deleting all products an performing a complete rebuild of debug and release version the dll's and archive files were different and the release dll uses the release versions of the qt dll's.

    I don't know what went wrong the first time but now it is solved.
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