I am trying to build both 64-bit and 32-bit architecture versions of Qt 5.1.1 that are identical to the Qt-Project pre-built binary distributions. I need to support Windows 7+ as well as legacy Windows Xp platforms, thus the need for both architecture versions. I also want to use the standard OpenGL version that comes with Windows, not the ANGLE replacement. ANGLE does not work on XP.

I am using MSVC 2012. Qt-Project has a 64-bit pre-built distribution using OpenGL desktop for MSVC 2012. Unfortunately, there is no 32-bit version for this compiler. There is one for MSVC 2010.

Building Qt from source requires running the "configure" procedure to generate the Makefile hierarchy used by nmake. "configure" has dozens of options, but I cannot find any documentation about which options are used when creating any of the standard builds. I've searched through git and found nothing and I've asked this same question on the Qt-Project forum and received no reply.

Does anyone here have inside information on the build protocol used at Qt-Project (or Digia) to create the standard binary distributions?

Thanks in advance for any advice.