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Thread: QStataMachine: transition guards

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    Default QStataMachine: transition guards

    Hi all,

    I basically have a QStateMachine with 3 states: A, B and C.
    I want to model state machine transitions like:
    1) A -> B [event e1]
    2) A -> C [event e1]
    3) B -> C [event e2]

    And I want to add exclusive guard on transitions #1 and #2 like:
    1) if (myModel.v)
    3) if (!myModel.v)

    The final goal is to manage locking of access from A to C by inserting password:
    when I am in A and fire e1 (for example by clicking on a button in my GUI):
    - if "myModel.v" is not set (i.e. C is still locked by password) go to state B (to insert password)
    - if "myModel.v" is set (that is C was unlocked) go to state C.

    What is the best way to add these guards on transitions?
    Can you give me a small example?

    Thank you,

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