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Thread: Printing barcodes with printer internal fonts

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    Default Printing barcodes with printer internal fonts

    Hello everyone,

    i'm trying to print an barcode with an citizen label printer.
    Well, everything works so far.

    I'm using a TTF for the barcode generation (UPCEAN6) and use QPrinter and QPainter to make this happen.

    But the bc does not work with all barcode-scanners. That's why i'd prefer to use the label printer's internal barcode font - because in our legacy system, this has been proven to work with every barcode-scanner our customers are using.

    This is what brings me to my question:
    Is there any way to use a label printer's internal (barcode) font by using Qt's classes?
    (Or to tell the printer to use that font for some text?)

    As far as i researched, i would need all the label printer's native sdks to do so and use those sdks instead of the Qt-Printing module - or am i wrong here ?
    Besides that, when "painting" on a QPrinter object, i can only use the fonts, available on the local system - which excludes the printer's fontdatabase - am i still right here?

    kindly regards,
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