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Thread: Single server checking multiple client simultaneously - How to?

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    Default Single server checking multiple client simultaneously - How to?

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to build a custom server which can check all the clients to check availability of them and gather some informations. All clients has their own webservers so I don't have to tackle with QTcpSocket. I'm just putting and get request via QNetworkAccessManager and waiting for the reply. When reply arrives, updating the GUI. And if someone select a client from gui I must serve latest informations about the selected client to the user.

    I'm trying to figure out how can it be done. I mean what type of struct should I use to accomplish that?

    Until now I've tried this way;
    - Read all client informations from database.
    - create a thread for each of clients.
    - send them required gui control pointers, so they can use these pointers to update their informations in runtime.

    But for example if I have 1500 clients then it means I have 1500 threads (WOW) and when all of them start to gather informations from clients at the same time 1500 get request will be done simultaneously. I wonder do I need 1500 threads? But after that I'm thinking that if I try to do this with a single thread all of the get requests will be done sequential and if I have 100 clients and do sequential request, if all of them reply with maximum timeout of QNetworkAccess::get method, then the user will wait (100 * maximumtimeout) secs to gather information all of them.

    How can it be accomplished via another way? I couldn't figure out.

    Thanks for help.

    In current status of the project, client object is subclassing QThread and reimplementing run() method. And another mainclass is creating one for each client and start it.
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