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Thread: QtQML and a C library on Android.

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    Default QtQML and a C library on Android.

    I have my app, it works on x86, Desktop. I have a dependecy on zbar, a C library.
    I have zbar-dev package (ubuntu) on my system.

    I compile, run fine on desktop.
    When I switch to android, it tells me zbar.h not found and fails. Of course, I also need to compile zbar for arm. Can QtCreator do this for me? Or what do I need to do to get zbar working for arm? I figure the NDK has the cross-compiler, but I am not sure how to do this the best way and waht Qt creator expects for packaging the library.


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    Default Re: QtQML and a C library on Android.

    Yes you have to compile zbar for arm board. For compiling zbar for android/arm you have to use Android NDK. Android NDK will give you the cross compiler tools by which you can compile it. And no Qt wont give the functionality to cross compile zbar. So for compiling zbar using arm toolchain you have to either pass the switch in configure script for overriding the "c compiler or c++ compiler" or edit in Makefile.
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