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Thread: "Plugin verification data dismatch" Faile to use Qwt plugin in designer of Qt creator

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    Default "Plugin verification data dismatch" Faile to use Qwt plugin in designer of Qt creator

    I am sorry for posting this question here, but this problem has bothered me for couple days...
    and most of information I found from Google didn't really help me solving the problems.

    My development environment is:
    • Qwt 6.1.0
    • Win 7 32bit
    • Qt 4.8.5 (for MSVC2010)
    • Qt creator 3.0.0 (standalone version, not from SDK package, and I use MSVC2010 compiler)

    Here is how I installed Qwt. I've followed the building steps from this site:
    For simplicity, these are what I've done:

    1. download Qwt 6.1.0 zip file from sourceforge
    2. unzip it to D:/Qt/qwt-6.1.0
    3. open command promt of Qt 4.8.5, run qmake then nmake to compile the file
    4. Copy"qwt_designer_plugin.dll" to D:Qt/qtcreator-3.0.0/bin/plugins/designer
    5. Copy "qwt.dll" and "qwtd.dll" to some specific folders

    When I want to use Qwt widgets in form editor (designer) of Qt creator, I found there is no Qwt widget can be used.
    The Tools->Form Editor->About Qt Designer Plugins shows the error message about "qwt_designer_plugin.dll" which is

    "Plugin verification data dismatch"

    Although I can still run and compile Qwt examples, and create my own Qwt project without the help of designer, I do want to use the designer features in Qt creator.

    Could someone please give me a direction or reference site for how to solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: "Plugin verification data dismatch" Faile to use Qwt plugin in designer of Qt cre

    Guess the creator has been built for Qt5. As any plugin needs to binary compatible with the application loading it you can't load a Qwt designer plugin ( and Qwt library ) build for Qt4.
    So read and then build and install Qwt twice: for Qt4 and Qt5.


    PS: do a proper "make install" instead of copying files manually - otherwise don't expect any further support from here !

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