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Thread: Implementing drag drop for multiple QGraphicsItem

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    Default Implementing drag drop for multiple QGraphicsItem

    I am trying to implement a drag and drop for QGraphicItem. I am using the following method.

    However I need two objects of the same QGraphicsItem in my scene. I add them in the constructor by keeping them static. I also check for validations in the mousemove of QGraphicsItem and start the drag.

    GraphicsItemClass::mouseMove(QGraphicsSceneMouseEv ent *event)
    if() //this = 1 static object created in GraphicsScene class

    //code for starting drag similar to one in the link

    else //The other static object created in Graphics Scene Class

    //Same code.

    I tried changing the name of the byteArray and Mime Data in both the cases but still the problem exists. When I drop the object in Scene if I drop one item the other item also moves its position relatively. Can some one give me a solution for this.

    Thank You.
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