I'm trying to implement Drag & Drop using a QTableWidget and I haven't been having much luck. I've been trying to get a hold of the QTableWidgetItem that the cursor is over using the itemAt(int x, int y) function using the QMouseEvent event but I keep getting a NULL pointer.

Qt Code:
  1. void table_widget::mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event) {
  2. QMenu *popupMenu = new QMenu(this);
  3. popupMenu->addAction("Drag");
  4. popupMenu->addAction("Drop");
  6. if (event->button() == Qt::RightButton) {
  7. popupMenu->popup(QPoint(event->x()+216,event->y()+130), 0);
  8. printf("%x\n",itemAt(event->x()+216,event->y()+130));
  9. }
  10. }
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The 216 and 130 are just offsets from the top left corner of the GUI to the top left corner of the first cell in the table.

Any suggestions?