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Thread: Where are the Qt5AxYYYYYYd.pdb files?

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    Default Where are the Qt5AxYYYYYYd.pdb files?

    I have been living with several dozen LNK4099 warnings when I build my project. This is one of Microsoft's infamous non-ignorable warnings:

    PDB '%S' was not found with '%S' or at '%S'; linking object as if no debug info

    Everything still links and runs, but the many warnings make it much harder to pick out the more important info that needs attention.

    Anyway, I'm getting the LNK4099 warnings because none of the Qt5AxYYYYYd.lib files have accompanying .pdb files. A quick inspection indicates that most/all of the other libraries have .pdb files, but not the ActiveX-related libraries.

    I am using Qt 5.2.1, Qt Creator 3.0.1, and the msvc2010 32-bit Kit on a Win7-Pro 64-bit platform, and the .pdb files, if available, should live in the 5.2.1/mscv2010/lib directory.

    Are these available, or is there another way, Qt-wise, to get rid of the warnings - like maybe linking to the release version of the Ax-libraries even though it's a Debug build?


    P.S. Sorry I forgot to put tags in, and the "Edit" post doesn't seem to have the capability.
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