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Thread: canvas of Qwtplot changing color when paning ?

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    Default canvas of Qwtplot changing color when paning ?


    i have a QwtPlot with a frame as the parent, and i apply some stylesheet to the frame, the problem is when i am panning the plot to change the interval , like shown on this picture.


    i tried to apply the same stylesheet to the canvas of the plot but nothing changed , any idea ?

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    Default Re: canvas of Qwtplot changing color when paning ?

    QwtPanner grabs the content of the canvas into a pixmap when starting to pan - moving this pixmap around without doing any replot. This is very fast, but has of course this negative visual effect.

    So if your plot is not heavy and replots are fast you don't need to use a panner and can implement panning simply by installing an event filter for mouse events of the plot canvas, translating them into QwtPlot::setAxisScale() calls.


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