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Thread: Program to turn-on my webcam

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    Default Program to turn-on my webcam

    Hi everyone, I want to write a program that is going to turn-on my webcam and then display whatever the webcam is pointing at on the app. But frankly, I have no idea where to start. But I am more interested in knowing how I can get a video recording as input from the webcam to one of the program functions, because I suppose that is what should happen. Any input will be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Program to turn-on my webcam

    I guess you can start here: There is a camera capture app example in Qt installation (examples\multimediawidgets\camera);
    It should work ok for basic capture.
    You can always use OS-specific api, like direct show on windows or AVFoundation on mac. There are many examples on the web, just google for them.

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