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Thread: Device returning ":-1: error: Unexpected output from remote process: 'Available'."

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    Default Re: Device returning ":-1: error: Unexpected output from remote process: 'Available'.


    While trying to run an app in a remote embedded linux environment, I'm receiving the answer

    Qt Code:
    1. :-1: error: Unexpected output from remote process: 'Available'.
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    when I try to run it. It's interesting that I was perfectly capable of running the same app with a lower Qwt and QwtPolar versions before, but after the update I'm getting this error repeatedly. Everything is fine in the equivalent desktop compilation.

    Does anybody has a hint on this problem? I couldn't find anything on the web about it.



    Added after 23 minutes:

    Well, it seems I found the solution to this problem very quickly after all \o/

    The problem was being caused by a parameter added to the Run configuration in the Projects area of Qt Creator when compiling for the embedded linux device: somehow a "Check for free disk space" deploy step was added which, when disabled, made the system stop returning that "Avaliable" message. It seems it had nothing to do with Qwt...
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