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Thread: Parsing a XML-like text stream

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    Default Parsing a XML-like text stream

    I am attempting to parse a web-based reply text stream that has a XML-like structure. It seems to say it is XML 1.0 but not sure how well it complies.

    The content is similar to this:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <RootNAME version="2.0" xmlns="">
    <session_id>09b0ae90050be03c452ad235a1f2915ad68439 3c</session_id>

    To test, I have captured the reply text to a file I have called returnedtext.xml.

    I have attempted to use QXmlQuery in a file I called myquery.xq:


    I have tried to use the xmlpatterns utility to test the query. However, the utility does not return an error nor the plaintext in the <session_id> element.

    I have also looked at QDomDocument but got nowhere quickly.

    XML return sources from this same site do not contain attributes - only unique node names. The QXmlQuery and QXmlPatterns methods do not seem to contain a method to return the plaintext in a node that does not have a named attribute with a value or a xmls attribute.

    I am new to XML parsing so any detailed C++ code and/or QXmlQuery help would be appreciated.

    Qt 5.2.1 on Linux Mint 16
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    Default Re: Parsing a XML-like text stream

    You could try
    Qt Code:
    1. for $id doc("returnedtext.xml")//RootNAME/session/session_id/string()</p>
    2. return <p>{$id}</p>
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    I.e. don't mix query and output.

    If you are more interested in certain values for the purpose of processing in a program, then I'd recommend having a look at QXmlStreamReader instead.
    It has a couple of nice properties such as:
    • can parse input as it comes in, no need to wait for the full response
    • is a QtCore class, not extra dependency required
    • only needs to keep a small parsing context in memory
    • easy to use once you get used to it


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