QxOrm 1.2.7 and QxEntityEditor 1.1.4 just released !

Changes in version QxOrm 1.2.7:

Changes in version QxEntityEditor 1.1.4:
  • Improve import by ODBC plugin to manage relationship, schema and composite key for SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server databases
  • New import from SQLite plugin to import SQLite database structure into QxEntityEditor project without having to create an ODBC DSN connexion
  • Improve C++ export plugin : add a set of useful methods in generated classes + option to manage relative path to QxOrm library
  • New menu to rename a namespace (move all entities to another namespace) and delete a list of entities by namespace
  • Fix a bug when executing QxEntityEditor in command line (no GUI)
  • Add a viewer mode to open a QxEntityEditor project with unlimited entities count without having a license key (read-only mode)

For more details about QxOrm library and QxEntityEditor application, please go to website : http://www.qxorm.com/