My project is a Qt GUI application in which all views are in QML and Models and Business logic in C++. As the size of the project has grown to 100's of cpp and qml files debugging has becoming more and more difficult.
In Debug mode crashes produced in the C++ code are easily found as stack trace linked to source-code is presented, but crashes due to qml code produces all grayed out stack-trace (ie., pointing to Qt internals etc where in you cannot see the qml file and the line producing the error).

Do you know anyway to do that?

Qt/QML 5.2.0, Qt Creator 3.0 on Mac (Clang++, LLDB combination)

If i put a breakpoint on any javascript function in the qml file then the breakpoint is easily hit during the course of debugging, but the problem is when the application crashes, i've no way of knowing which qml file/line could have participated in the crash and so i can't put the breakpoint beforehand - it should show in the stack-trace but it does not (only shows grayed out stack-trace)