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Thread: QTableview, checkboxes and SQlite

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    Default QTableview, checkboxes and SQlite

    Hello to each and everyone, I'm trying to put in a tableview a checkbox which should be linked to a value in the db of SQlite, the program select first a query and insert data into the table but I want to add a column with a checkbox for each record found in the db. How can i add it to the QSqlQueryModel and Qtableview already created by QTcreator?
    Thank you so much

    This is my code:
    Qt Code:
    1. void myClass::on_pushButton_clicked()
    2. {
    3. Widget conn;
    4. QSqlQueryModel * model = new QSqlQueryModel();
    5. conn.connOpen();
    6. QSqlQuery* qry = new QSqlQuery(conn.db);
    7. qry->prepare("select * from plan where username='"+username_temp+"'");
    8. qry->exec();
    9. QTextStream (stdout) << qry->lastQuery();
    11. model->setQuery(*qry);
    13. ui->tableView->setModel(model);
    16. conn.connClose();
    17. qDebug() << (model->rowCount());
    18. }
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    Default Re: QTableview, checkboxes and SQlite

    You have to create your own data model inheriting from QSqlTableModel.
    Reimplement flags() method and use Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable for the column with the checkbox.
    Reimplement data() and setData() to manage the role Qt::CheckStateRole properly for the column with the checkbox.

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    Default Re: QTableview, checkboxes and SQlite

    Ok, I'm trying to do that, I have the delegate but I don't know how to link with the database. Can you give me an example?

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    Default Re: QTableview, checkboxes and SQlite

    nix suggested to create a subclass of the model you are currently using, so that you can either make one of the existing columns checkable or add a column.
    Another option is to use a proxy model.

    Delegate has nothing to do with that.


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