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Thread: Highliting multiple parts on image timeline (QGraphicsScene)

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    Default Highliting multiple parts on image timeline (QGraphicsScene)

    i am dealing with video cutter tool here i should be able to cut multiple peaces of frames (like 1 to 100, 300 to 400 , 500 to 600 ect...), i have given option to cut the frame as "click on start cut-> play video till the frame we want to cut -> click on end frame", here during a play i need to highlight those frame (these highlighting should keep on moving until i stop a player and click on stop cut) .i have shown all the images on QGraphicsScene(Timeline), could you please suggest some idea how to archive this or can i use any other Qt classes to do this easily .

    note : i don't want to highlight images instead i have to highlight part of a scene where image which we are going to cut are present .

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    Default Re: Highliting multiple parts on image timeline (QGraphicsScene)

    How do you want to "highlight" the scene?
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