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Thread: Handling array of QwtPlotCurve dynamically

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    Default Handling array of QwtPlotCurve dynamically

    I have a vector of qwtPlotCurve pointers in the main class. I am attaching them to a QwtPlot. I am creating each of the qwtPlotCurve pointer using C++ new operator as required.I may need to remove these curves with new set of curves through the code. Each time the number of curves I need to plot may be different. So I am thinking of deleting all the curve pointers already available in the vector and creating them fresh each time. Is there any memory issues with that approach? Also what is the sequence I need to follow? (do I need to empty data before deleting? Do I need to detach the curve before deleting?, etc.)
    Is there a better way to handle dynamically handling group of curves?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Handling array of QwtPlotCurve dynamically

    Depends on the number of curves and how often the curves are replaced - but usually there is nothing wrong with your approach.


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