hi everyone
I'm trying to understand Oscillocope 's code ,I'm wondering if I really unterstand what the function clearStaleValues() does.
The function clearStaleValues just clear (erase) values , so before to increment Intervall , we clear old values.
I've modified the file plot.cpp like this : I've uncommented this line data->values().clearStaleValues( d_interval.minValue() ); and replaced it with SignalData::instance().clearStaleValues(d_interval .minValue()).
The code still works just for 8 min , after 8 min , the compiler return this error "ASSERT failure in QVector<T>:perator[]: "index out of range""
I unterstand what this eror means but I don't unterstand why the compiler returns this error because according to me , clearstalevalues() just erases old values before plotting new values .
can someone explain why the compiler returns this error ?

Any help woulb be appreciated